We created the Obstacle Series by emulating the natural obstacles encountered in the great outdoors. During expeditions, adventurers must move in every direction, dragging their body weight with a sustained effort across many obstructions.

It’s with this concept in mind that we conceived these structures; you can approach them with either performance or pure entertainment in mind.

Unlike traditional exercises, this line of installations stimulates various muscle groups while requiring a combination of strength and balance. The recreational nature of these structures allows for many simultaneous users; an excellent way of encouraging child’s play… even for adults!

New products

  • Bamboo jungle

    Each post has three to four rubber discs reminiscent of the obstacles found in the forest. These grips help move up and down the bamboo stems.

    For the most creative who want to play spider-man and move horizontally from one stem to the next, TREKFIT has made the grips in three different colors to offer various levels of difficulty easily identifiable. By combining vertical and lateral transfers on the same colored grip, the bamboo jungle offers dozens of different paths.

    You will never get bored!


    Cargo net training requires good physical condition, balance, and an appreciation of heights by those who dare climb over it.

    Thanks to its twisted shape, this cargo net offers varying degrees of difficulty. The right façade is inclined and therefore easy to climb, while the left side's overhang presents a more significant challenge. Crossing over can be done by either climbing over the top horizontal bar or spinning around a vertical pole. Each of these maneuvers calls for different abilities like hip flexibility and thigh adduction.

  • Climbing Wall

    One of the most massive artificial bouldering walls in North America, this true urban masterpiece uses more than 500 holds to create routes ranging from V0 to V6 difficulties.

    25 feet wide, 12 feet high and 15 feet deep, it allows for many simultaneous climbers. Its reinforced aluminum structure grants it high resistance to impact, corrosion, and lousy weather. The polyurethane surface finish is by far the best material on the market, providing excellent adherence as well as protection against scratches.

  • Tilted Stems

    Drawing inspiration from the best obstacle courses, the Tilted Stems are great for developing the leg's stabilizer muscles and improving balance.

    A typical crossing features stems of four varying heights, precisely calculated for movement range. Together they form a functional workout challenge that also serves for warming up and stretching. The stems are made with tempered steel and adorned with EPDM cushioning for security and comfort.

Innovative design

Created by a team of renowned kinesiologists, TREKFIT installations and programs are safe and easy to use. Drawing from major scientific innovations in the field of physical training, they revolutionize the way we engage our whole bodies while using a minimal amount of apparatus.

Functionality, accessibility, simplicity and security, those are the driving priorities behind the creation of TREKFIT equipment and workout programs. It’s now up to you to make the best of it at a park near you!