Urban Boulders


Climbing is a fast growing activity amongst teens and adults in our communities. Trekfit presents the Urban Boulders line.

Beautiful free-standing sculptures composed of striking geometric angles, they are visually impressive and fun, being both an attractive addition to any space as well as a great way to encourage and foster family and community engagement through physical fitness and activity.

Inspired by indoor climbing boulders, with both positive and negative inclinations, the difficulty level is variable, making it easy to get started while keeping it challenging. Bringing together people of all ages and abilities, our Urban Boulders will help improve basic skills like agility while simultaneously building strength.

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Canyon Boulder

Meet Trekfit's boldest creation. Inspired by the serene beauty of natural canyons, which serve as urban escapes, this Urban Boulder offers an engaging activity for both teens and active adults. Designed specifically for your park, it features the largest climbing surface to date and an intuitive, appealing design that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The Canyon stands as a harmonious blend of art and recreation, inviting adventure in your park.

Summit Boulder

A beautiful free-standing sculpture composed of striking geometric angles, the Summit is both imposing and impressive: a massive structure 12-feet high. Inspired by indoor climbing boulders, it contains hundreds of polyester resin climbing holds of various shapes and sizes, offering both positive and negative inclinations, perfect for the recreational and experienced climber alike.

Stone Boulders

These natural looking obstacles are inspired by the mysteries of Stonehenge and its standing stones. With their small footprint and striking look, they enhance any project from urban settings to smaller spaces.

These boulders are designed to offer just the right challenge for each user. With the addition of the lintel, overhang possibilities are available for the experienced or adventurous climbers while the limited height of the Stones will appeal to amateur and younger climbers.

With 5 configurations available, they offer endless possibilities of climbing paths. These structures are fitted for the entire family.

Alpine Boulders

With challenging decline sections at both ends, the Alpine, can be adjusted according to your own climbing vision. Completely modular and expandable, it is composed of 10 ft. high connectable modules, allowing you to form endless configurations of sequences that are just the right length and shape for what you have in mind. In fact, your only limitation is how you envision the project you wish to create.

Base & Basecamp Boulders

Our smallest Urban Boulders offer the perfect introduction to young climbers. Fun and inviting, these Boulders allow young climbers to ascend to their heart’s content in complete safety. Ideal for school settings, they provide the necessary space for kids to learn a range of essential skills while all the time enjoying themselves. They are not only a wonderful training ground for future climbers - they also give them the platform from which they can build confidence, foster creativity and
develop the coordination that will spell success in any number of fields.

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