A leader in outdoor fitness equipment, TREKFIT develops cutting-edge solutions for municipalities committed to the well-being of their residents, intelligent urban design and collective ownership. To date, several hundred active cities have given us their trust thanks to the harmonious integration and universal accessibility of our equipment; do not wait any longer, go for TREKFIT.

Our mission is to innovate in the design of versatile outdoor fitness equipment which, by its design and aesthetics, enhances the user experience and the value of the environment it lives in.

Our vision is to become a world leader in the field, an instrumental player of positive social change in the health and well-being of all citizens.

  • ​Eric Tomeo​

    ​Eric Tomeo​

    President and Founder

    Eric is a serial entrepreneur and visionary. Soon after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Concordia University in Montreal, he quickly honed his leadership and business skills through his work with various international companies. His professional work has landed him envious positions at the sports drinks company GURU as well as Zoom Media.

    In 2009, he decided to follow his passion for business development, physical activity and design to co-found TREKFIT and encourage people from all walks of life to pursue physical activity. Eric thrives on passion. He practices multiple nautical sports including kitesurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing, as well as cycling and downhill skiing.

    He is an active member of multiple Boards that involve physical fitness.

    His passion extends to his personal life where his interests include food, music and good wine.

  • Alexandre Paré

    Alexandre Paré


    Alexandre holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Sciences, with a specialization in exercise physiology. He is a member of the most prestigious strength and conditioning organization in North America, the NSCA.

    For over fifteen years, Alexandre has been a personal trainer with a varied clientele and has also worked as a group fitness instructor. Formerly a handball player for the Canadian National Team, he is also a track and field athlete specializing in the 100m and 200m events.

    In addition to his work with TREKFIT, Alexandre runs the company he founded: Ataraxia (a consulting firm dedicated to helping personal trainers gain their certification). He has taught at three provincial universities (U of M, Laval and UQAC), and has presented at numerous fitness and business conferences across Canada. As well as appearing as a fitness expert on several TV shows, he has also produced his own fitness DVD, “L’Entraineur 1 and 2”.

    Alexandre has an exceptional talent for creating effective and motivating fitness programs that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

  • Vincent Clarizio

    Vincent Clarizio

    Industrial Designer

    Vincent is responsible for the design of TREKFIT’s equipment. Ad head of the design team at Signature Design Communications for many years, his creative approach has centered on the user and the relationship between the functionality of an object and its ergonomics. TREKFIT’s parks were conceived with this philosophy in mind.

    An active member of the design scene in Montréal, Vincent has participated in multiple conferences related to product development and collaborates frequently with architecture, landscape, urban design and marketing firms. For Vincent, industrial design is an integral part of the company’s visual identity, ensuring a continuum between the company’s branding and product marketing strategy.

    Vincent believes a product’s lifecycle is determined by its functional, structural and symbolic features, and his development approach aims at evoking a human response to an object. In fact, initiating a dialogue with the user is a foundational part of his design philosophy.

    Passionate about sports, Vincent practices downhill skiing, mountain biking, rock-climbing, hiking, canoeing, fishing and camping.

  • Étienne Alary

    Étienne Alary

    Operations Director

    At TREKFIT, Étienne is responsible for all things equipment-related, from orders to delivery, as well as quality control. He is also the contact person for any installation and maintenance questions regarding TREKFIT’s line of products.

    Étienne has a good understanding of the human body thanks to his training in multiple massage therapy techniques he learned at the Kiné-Concept Institute. For several years he held a managerial position in the food and hospitality industry, allowing him to sharpen his skills in business process management.

    While very sociable by nature, Étienne enjoys individual sports such as cycling, swimming, running and fitness training, where he always aims to surpass himself.

  • Jérémy Béliveau

    Jérémy Béliveau

    Operations Supervisors

    Jérémy is a crucial member of the TREKFIT team. His duties include managing inventory, keeping in regular contact with installation crews, and solving the many challenges he encounters daily.

    An athlete at heart, Jérémy enjoys volleyball, track and field and rock climbing. That said, he still manages to find the time to play pétanque with his grandfather.

  • Jimmy Lapointe

    Jimmy Lapointe


    Jimmy’s versatility and infectious team spirit make him stand out as he meets the daily challenges that arise from the company’s various operations.

    An adventurer at heart, his passion for trekking and geology has seen him climb some of Canada’s highest mountains.

    He keeps in shape by riding his bike to work, as well as playing basketball, football and volleyball.

  • Guylaine Provencher

    Guylaine Provencher

    Graphic Artist

    As fast as an Olympic swimmer and precise like an archery champion, Guylaine is Trekfit’s graphic artist, harvesting the company’s visual elements to create the perfect masterpiece for its clients. Guylaine is responsible for the design of Trekfit’s information panels and in charge of planning the company’s sales materials. With a passion for art, healthy eating and travel, Guylaine is part of our team since its inception.