Outdoor fitness equipment for Toronto parks

Outdoor fitness equipment for Toronto parks

Discover all of the recent Trekfit fitness circuits in Toronto and all of their benefits! As you noticed, many circuits were installed in the last year in the city. Their versatility is perfect for all users and blend perfectly in the urban architecture of the city.

Trekfit brings many benefits for Toronto's residents

Seniors, wheelchair users, beginners, groups, teenagers or active women. Our outdoor exercise equipments are fulfilling every Toronto's resident's needs.

The optimal setup of Trekfit circuits in a small outdoor space provides the opportunity for a group, like a sport team, to workout together. Trekfit circuits are great for helping teenagers develop qualities like flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, speed and muscular strength. When it comes to wheelchair users, Trekfit exercises are designed to maintain joint health, autonomy in travel and the reduction of injuries. Seniors also appreciate the fitness circuits. It helps them strengthen their legs and trunk, slow down osteoporosis, develop and maintain balance, joint mobility and flexibility.

Various circuit options available

Different fitness circuits and combos of outdoor fitness equipments are available. They all perfectly blend with Toronto's lifestyle and installations. Push-up bars, parallel bars, rope climbing, monkey bars, pull-up bars, dip stations, balance beams, vault bars, hurdles, step benches, long benches. The outdoor gym equipments options are numerous !

Some examples of Toronto parks with fitness circuits

At Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, the push up bars and many other exercise equipment for outdoors are very enjoyed by the residents.

Riverdale East Park has a cargo net included in its fitness circuit and it gives a great look to the park.

At Snider Parkette, the monkey bars perfectly fit in the neighborhood's environnement.

Trekfit is the leader of outdoor fitness equipments in Canada. Interested in designing a fitness park in your community ? Contact our partner for more information or an estimate PlayPower Canada.

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