Outdoor fitness circuits that provide a safe and complete body workout using nothing more than park benches.

In the hands of our team of kinesiologists, simple park benches take on a completely different role. Our experts have developed training programs that develop flexibility and muscular endurance using park benches only. BENCHFIT is ideal for all citizens, including seniors.


Training program designed for new mothers

Returning to a physically active lifestyle is always a challenge after pregnancy and childbirth. TREKFIT has designed this training program for active young moms eager to get back into shape. All exercises are performed using park benches placed near a playground. This means that you can have a full workout while keeping an eye on your children.


Full body workout

Enduro is the most demanding of all BENCHFIT fitness programs. It is designed for people who are already in good physical condition. With this program, the major muscle groups are given a workout at least twice per circuit.


Full body workout tailor-made for seniors

Vitalia is designed for seniors, as well as for people wanting gentle exercise. Each station has two simple exercises requiring very little strength or experience. In this circuit, most movements use the leg and trunk muscles to strengthen them and so prevent falls.


Stretching and trunk stabilization

Flexor is designed for people wanting to get in shape gradually by improving their flexibility and strengthening the core muscles, so important in injury prevention. The training program includes stretches for 12 different muscle groups.


  • • Training programs, including up to 10 exercise stations
  • • One post and information panel for each station
  • • Two functional exercises per station
  • • A detailed video of each exercise available on your smartphone just by reading a QR code
  • • Graffiti resistant
  • • Turnkey project
  • • Benches are not included
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