A simple plan with universal benefits

Each of us has at least one a friend struggling with weight issues or a relative learning to cope with a weight-related illness such as, for example, diabetes. At Trekfit, we are convinced that the alarming progress of these concerning health issues can and must be stopped. We are solely committed to this fight.

Trekfit's mission is to promote healthier lifestyles through regular physical activity by offering accessible, safe and comprehensive training circuits.

Hoping to help the most people live an active and fruitful life, we have decided to offer a free alternative to conventional gyms. Designed by our team of experts in kinesiology, Trekfit's outdoor training circuits are always open to everybody and totally user friendly. Our functional training programs are based on the latest breakthroughs in training science. The way they simplify total body workouts with minimal use of equipment is truly revolutionary.

Accessibility, simplicity and safety, these are the three priorities that guided our every decision during the conception of Trekfit's fitness equipment and exercise programs. All you have to do is find them in a park nearby and join the Trekfit revolution for a better life.


Alexandre Pare

Alexandre holds a Masters degree in exercise science with a specialization in exercise physiology. Former handball player part of the national team, he has worked for several years, as fitness instructor in addition to being a member of the famous team of Reebok Master Trainers.

Alexander is still, to date, personal trainer and confirmed athlete in the 200 and 100m disciplines. He also puts a lot of attention to developing his career as a public speaker as well as his frequent appearances on television as a columnist and consultant in kinesiology.

Besides being a columnist for the show ''Salut Bonjour'' since summer 2007, Alexander still finds time to run the company he founded, Ataraxia. As a physical activity consultant, he is concentrated around the certification of private coaches while maintaining his role as spokesperson for the ''Federation of Kinesiologist of Quebec'' . Alexandre is also the author of 2 fitness DVD's.

Alexander has an exceptional talent to create motivating exercise programs, customized to individual needs.


Grand Prize Recipient
Innovation Award - Design of products for the benefit of an aging society
Innov-age, December 2011

With its innovative equipment and low intensity training program developed by experienced kinesiologist Alexandre Paré, Trekfit enables seniors to extend their autonomy. The training program focuses on strengthening the legs and trunk to improve stability and balance to avoid falls.

Nomination - 7 finalists
Industrial design
Design.Gets Business Going, Facteur D, Octobre 2012

Facteur D is a unique event concept focused on showing companies and public organizations the economic and social benefits of investing in quality architecture, design and planning. Facteur D is reinventing the design award paradigm, analysing not only the aesthetic and technical factors, but the direct economic and social value of the project for the client.

Grand Prize Recipient
Product design: Urban furniture
Les Grands Prix du design, Décember 2012

The simple and modern design of this training system is a subtle reminder of nature and the movements of the body during physical activity. The main materials used for these structures, steel and Ductal concrete also offer a nice touch encouraging its use.

Nominations and prizes